My purpose is to show the depth, beauty, and richness that exist in the world at every available opportunity.
I believe these things can be expressed in many ways – be it in sunshine and flowers, or in an exceptionally well-written business plan. Anything that takes thoughtful preparation, application of practiced skills, and confidence to implement is an expression of the extraordinary things we can accomplish.
I offer support services in several areas, to help illuminate the way. Use my diverse skills to augment your own, and allow yourself to realize the unique dreams and visions you carry.





  • Life is like a Christmas tree ~ ya gotta have the balls to make it work!–Marina Phillips

  • RULE THE FIRST:  Keep and untroubled spirit.  RULE THE SECOND:  Look things in the face and know them for what they are.–Marcus Aurelius

  • You are led, when you share your loves, to an enchanted life of inner happiness which unsharing others cannot know.–Messiah’s Handbook