Simple map of western CanadaHi, my name is Marina Phillips. I am currently the owner and sole employee at WolfWillow Design.  My dedicated home office operates both locally and globally from Medicine Hat, Alberta – a small city in western Canada.

My background is in writing, editing, creative graphics design, and technical writing and drafting.  I possesses almost 20 years of writing and editing experience, and a CAD Technical Illustration Diploma.  I also have a well-developed work ethic that places strong emphasis on professionalism and customer service.

This is a rather unique set of skills.  They have provided me with an excellent foundation for both an aesthetic design focus, as well as a practical attitude that combines creative solutions with rational business ideas.

I’m the single mom of two absolutely amazing kids; a poet; a gardener; a philosopher; and a dreamer. I’m always looking for ways to fulfill my purpose – helping others to shine is what I most love to do!

I sincerely hope you are able to take advantage of all that WolfWillow Design has to offer!